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ADDITIONAL INFORMATION From the 2/17/15 Trusts & Estates MCLE with Sandy Price

02/24/2015 7:10 PM | Deleted user

A number of pieces of passed legislation were mentioned at the presentation but weren't included in the outline.  Here are the details:
·         AB 1525 (Lowenthal), Stats. 2014, Ch. 450:  City clerks of charter cities can now perform marriage ceremonies
·         SB 1306 (Leno), Stats. 2014, Ch. 82:  includes “housekeeping” to reflect legality of same sex marriages in CA (e.g., revises language throughout the Family Code to refer to marriage between 2 persons, rather than to husband and wife)
·         AB 1755 (Gomez), Stats. 2014, Ch. 412:  Requires reporting of unauthorized access to or disclosure of patient medical information
·         AB1951 (Gomez), Stats. 2014, Ch. 334:  Eff. 1/1/2016, new rules for birth records to include options for mother, father and parent to describe parent’s relationship to the child
·         AB 2344 (Ammiano), Stats 2014, Ch 636:  establishes statutory forms for assisted reproduction to provide clarity regarding a person’s intent to be a legal parent; establishes procedures for conducting a step-parent adoption under certain circumstances.
2.  With respect to the legislation that had not passed which would have allowed a private professional fiduciary to obtain a license for the business, rather than a license being for the individual:  I commented that this would be a boon to clients who need a private professional fiduciary for a term longer trust beneficiary or conservatee’s lifetime, and I wasn’t sure why it had not passed.   Someone came up to me after the meeting and explained that one reason it hadn’t passed was the difficulty of protecting the public:  there is no way to bond a corporation, only an individual.  (Bank trustees are exempt from bonding requirements because they are subject to other regulatory requirements that would provide enough protection) 

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