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MCLE Checklist

03/11/2014 8:19 PM | Deleted user
Members:  to all those who sponsor MCLE events, here are some guidelines and things to know for 2014

Submitted by Michele Pfeiffer, CAPA


With new representatives throughout the year, here are the guidelines with bullet points so you have a checklist.  If we follow the same format we can meet our due diligence in providing timely, relevant meetings, and be in compliance. 

  • As soon as you have a speaker, bio, topic and handouts/outline, etc., send them to MCLE chair for approval, otherwise, your flyer needs to say MCLE Pending approval; once done you can start advertising the event;
  • For examples of flyers contact MCLE Chair, it must State To All Attorneys, Paralegals & Legal Professionals” on the flyer; state amount of MCLE credit and statement re Providership on all promotional material
  • Print out the State Bar MCLE forms to be used (either using State Bar forms & typing in the info and copying or creating exact verbatim replicas prepared by CAPA MCLE chair, which can then be copied);
  • There are three forms:  The Official Record of Attendance; The Speaker Evaluation Sheet (must include speaker(s)’ name at bottom); and the Certificate of Attendance for CA MCLE Credit sheet;
  • All pertinent information should be completed as required, including the speaker's name(s), topics, etc. (please refer to brochure or flyer, if you have questions re this), assuring that the ‘wording’ is not altered from the State Bar forms when typing up the forms; Be sure to mark if its Ethics or General credit
  • CAPA’s MCLE providership number is 10628 (or use your own association’s or speaker’s);
  • A few fully completed sign in sheets for each section should be available based on attendance (20 signatures per page).  It's better to have more than run out.  (Note: I saw in the past that names were signed to odd pieces of paper and attached without any of the proper headings on the paper, this is improper and must be avoided (it could give the State Bar reason to not approve a program);  
  • Also be sure to fill out and prepare the NALA Certificate of Attendance; I have a blank copy (not for CA MCLE);
  • Also, if your association is a member of NFPA, be sure to fill out and prepare their form as well (as above);    
  • Please make arrangements to have someone available that can sign for the credit for NALA/NFPA members at each session (not for CA MCLE requirements);  
  • Please assign a volunteer(s) that is in charge of making sure everyone signs in, passes out the speaker evaluation sheets, welcome the speaker(s), collects the evaluation sheets/forms, thanks the speaker(s), passes out the CLE certificate at the end of the meeting on their way out as they turn in their evaluation sheet, and, finally can sign the forms for NALA/NFPA; this will make each program run more smoothly and professionally;  
  • Speakers must sign in on the same form as the attendees and can receive the same Certificate of Attendance, there is no longer a requirement that they receive a different and/or separate form;
  • Also please remind your speaker(s):  (1) if they have presented this program before, they only get the hour (and/or actual speaking time, i.e., 1.5), they cannot double bill for ‘preparing’ for same; they only get the preparation time when a program is presented for the first time; and (2) if there are a panel of speaker(s) they only get a portion of that time divided by the number of speaker(s) (i.e., if it is an hour program and there are three speakers, they only get credit for 20 minutes each for speaking and 40 minutes for attending, yet the attendees do get the full hour; if you have any questions, please contact me;
  • Once completed let the volunteer(s) know who is collecting the packet(s), so they can get it back to either your MCLE chair or if it is for CAPA, then get it to me;
  • Until further notice from the State Bar, please assign an attorney to attend each breakout session and keynote speaker program for conferences and this includes individual 1.0 hour programs.  Please be sure to confirm with them the day before.  Please note:  if no attorney is present at our co-sponsored events, then that session cannot be counted towards CA MCLE credit, but will suffice for NALA/NFPA credit.  (NOTE:  I also noticed in the past that an attorney had signed in and then just wrote in "attorney", instead of using their State Bar No.  This is not acceptable.  Please remind the volunteer(s) in charge, to check and make sure that the attending attorney(s) actually write in their State Bar No. correctly;
  • Be sure to follow-up with the speakers by including a thank you letter, send them copies of all the Evaluation Forms, and if they forgot to pick up their Certificate of Attendance, be sure to include one for their records; and
  • If you feel I have left something out, please let me know, I welcome your comments. 
Only attorneys, judges, DA, or the like & already approved MCLE providers can be automatically be approved; all others including paralegals, teachers, &  most vendors must be sent to State Bar for approval; please get all forms to MCLE chair at least 1 month prior to event for approval and before you advertise the event (unless it can be automatically approved); 

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